Warehouse Health and Safety

warehouse health and safety training for your staff

Warehouse working presents some of the most significant workplace hazards, and the need for warehouse health and safety training for your staff cannot be underestimated. Common warehouse injuries include 

  • Slip or trip
  • Manual handling
  • Falls from height
  • Hit by moving, falling object
  • Hit by moving vehicle

There are many important aspects to managing health and safety in warehousing, from fire safety risk assessments, working at height and racking inspections to forklift truck safety procedures and securing loads.

We can provide essential warehouse health and safety training for your staff, including manual handling, workplace transport safety and working at heights. The training can be carried out on site which considerably keeps down costs. and the benefits of carrying out the training in the workplace are that staff will find the training more relevant and practical.

All attendees on the course will receive a Certificate of training.



Falls are the most common cause of fatal injuries in the workplace. Many others suffer major injury such as broken bones or fractured skulls. A significant number of employees working within the storage and warehousing industry are injured after falling. 
Employers are required to provide training in working at height, as well as working at height risk assessments.
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workplace transport safety

Every year, about 50 people are killed and more than 5000 people are injured in the UK in accidents involving workplace transport (www.hse.gov.uk/statistics).
The most common causes are people falling from or being struck by a vehicle, objects falling from a vehicle, or vehicles overturning. 
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manual handling

 Manual hanlding injuries account for more than 40%
of RIDDOR-reported injuries in warehouses. As an employer, you must ensure that all relevant warehouse staff have ahd manual handling training, and you must also ensure that a manual handling assessment has been carried out for all manual handling operations, including lifting, carrying, lowering, pushing, pulling and throwing.

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