Accident investigation and incident management

“If you think health and safety is expensive, try an accident”  attributed to Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of Easy Jet

accident investigation

Accidents can be a distressing and expensive experience. To avoid further incidents and to mitigate any potential future claims, you need to investigate incidents fully, and take into account root, intermediate and direct causes.
We can help with investigation into specific accidents, and also help you put in place a robust incident management system. Contact is for more information.

incident management system

So many accidents aren’t investigated properly, which can be costly in the future in terms of future incidents and potential litigation. We can help you out in place a simple. but effective, accident and incident management system that tracks the investigation to its conclusion and any lessons learned.

accident prevention in high risk areas

It is essential that you have robust accident prevention procedures in place in all areas, but particularly in higher risk areas such as warehousing, working at height and workplace transport.
We can help you ensure that you have procedures an systems in place to reduce the risk of accidents and ill-health.