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building a Health & Safety Management System

a simple solution  but effective to managing safety in your business

All organisations and businesses need to put an effective Occupational Health & Safety Management system in place in order to successfully manage workplace risks to workers, contractors, visitors and others affected by their business activities.

There are a variety of different systems available, but one of the simplest and most effective is the system available from the Health & Safety Executive. This system is based around the solid foundation of the four management cycle elements 

PLAN      DO       CHECK     ACT

A good Health and Safety Management System will provide the framework for all your planning, your processes, your checks and balances and your continual improvements. If properly built and implemented, it is the key to managing safety effectively. It can also form the basis for your health and safety monitoring and auditing procedures.

Whatever system you have in place or want to develop, we can provide valuable assistance in building a Health and Safety Management System that is simple, effective and above all works for your company or organisation. 

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