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A Different Approach

Health and safety outsourcing means bringing in health and safety services when you need them, which means you keep the costs down and have expert help at your fingertips.

Through health and safety outsourcing, we can give you all you need to help you manage health and safety easily and effectively, taking the headache out of health and safety management.

Though our services are divided into basic areas of training, risk assessment, inspection and health and safety audit, we treat all our clients as individuals and don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution will work. Well help you develop a health and safety plan to suit your unique position.

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expert advice for minimal cost

Employing your own, in-house health and safety staff can be costly, and managing health and safety services can be time-consuming and problematic.

By going down the route of health and safety outsourcing you can minimise costs while at the same time ensuring you have the professional help you need. Whether you want a comprehensive, ongoing service including a dedicated consultant, or an interim service to get you up and running  we have all you need and at a price to suit your budget.

We believe in getting to know you and your business, ensuring that we help to put in place the safety procedures that work best for your business and your staff

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free initial assessment of your health and safety  requirements

Not sure what you need in terms of health and safety, or how well your business is complying with health and safety legislation?
We can come to meet you and carry out a free assessment of where you are in terms of health and safety compliance, and where you might need to make improvements.
This free service will, in turn, help you decide what level of assistance and support you need both initially and on an ongoing basis.

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competent person service

Do you need someone to act as the health and safety competent person for your business?
We can provide a dedicated Consultant to act as your competent person, and to provide you with all the health and safety expertise and support you need for our business to thrive.
The service includes an annual review of your health and safety policy and procedures and a site visit. Additional services can be supplied as required.



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low cost monthly retainer

For a low cost monthly retainer you can get email or telephone access to an expert health and safety practitioner at any time.
This service includes an initial review of health and safety policies and procedures plus an annual review.
This service may suit small or new businesses that want access to health and safety advice and support, but who don’t have the budget to employ a full time health and safety professional. Contact us for a no-obligation chat.

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 Full health and safety services

Through health and safety outsourcing we can provide a Consultant that will provide the full range of health and safety services according to your business needs. Get the assurance you need that you are complying with health and safety legislation at a fraction of the cost of employing your own health and safety professional..
Contact us for a FREE assessment of your needs and where you need to make improvements and we can then negotiate a comprehensive package that suits your business and your budget,
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